Commencement Lecture about the Bible in Australian Culture

Thursday December 8 2016 by St Mark's

Dr Meredith Lake Commencement Lecture 27 Feb at St Mark's

Australia was largely colonised by convicts rather than settlers with Christian convictions, which is why it's heartening and surprising to learn how much the Bible has woven its way into the fabric of Australian culture and society.


The role of the bible in Australian culture is a crucial subject at the moment — relevant to everything from the debate around scripture in schools to making sense of Australia Day. But how important has it actually been, in a settler society founded by convicts at the high point of the European enlightenment? In what ways – and in whose hands - has it influenced Australian life and society? 

Join us this 27 February at our Commencement Lecture as Dr Meredith Lake takes us through the many myriad ways in which the Bible has changed our country, and its surprising relevance in the present. Titled "The good book under the gum trees: the BIble in Australian culture". learn how all kinds of Australians have made use of the BIble — from convicts to Anzacs, Aboriginal activists to writers and artists.


Dr Meredith Lake is a Senior Research Fellow at Anglican Deaconess Ministries, Sydney. She is the author of a student guide to The Bible Down Under (Bible Society, 2016), a major study of faith-based social welfare, Faith in Action: HammondCare (UNSW Press, 2013), and several academic articles on aspects of Christianity in Australia. She is currently writing a book about the bible in Australian society and culture – from convicts to artists to indigenous activists, and everyone in between (forthcoming 2017). She tweets at @meredithlake1

  • 6.45pm: Commencement Service, St Mark's Chapel
  • 7.30pm Public lecture, Sulman Room