St Marks National Theological Centre

Which pathway?

St Mark’s National Theological Centre delivers courses in theology, personal and relationship counselling, pastoral and clinical supervision, pastoral care, and Anglican ministry formation. It offers courses in higher education and in the VET sectors. Its courses in the higher education provision (HEP) sector are offered through its partnership with Charles Sturt University (CSU), and in the VET sector via St Mark’s own Registered Training Organisation (RTO). St Mark’s also has a historic commitment to public theology, which it seeks to strengthen.

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School of Theology Courses

St Mark's, as a partner in the School of Theology, offers all its degrees and diplomas through Charles Sturt University. Courses are offered in Theology, Ministry, Pastoral Counselling, Ageing and Pastoral Studies.

Why study theology?

Interested in theology and not afraid to pursue it? Studying theology is part adventure, part discipline and part exploration. Continue reading on Charles Sturt University about studying theology.

About the school

The School has an established reputation for its emphasis on student learning, quality teaching and research. Continue reading on Charles Sturt University website about the school.

Course options


Bachelor of Theology
Bachelor of Theology (Honours)


Graduate Certificate in Ageing and Pastoral Studies (1 yr)
Graduate Diploma of Religious and Values Education (2 yrs)
Graduate Diploma of Ageing and Pastoral Studies (2 yrs part-time)
Graduate Diploma of Pastoral Counselling (2 yrs part-time)
Graduate Diploma of Theology (1 yr)
Master of Arts (Ageing and Pastoral Studies) (4 yrs part-time)
Master of Arts (Religious and Values Education) (3 yrs) 
Master of Pastoral Counselling (4 yrs part-time)
Master of Ministry (1.5yrs)
Master of Theology (1.5yrs)
Master of Theology (Research) (1 yr)
Doctor of Ministry (3 yrs)
Doctor of Philosophy (3 yrs)

Before applying to study, we suggest you read the available online course information. This will give you detailed informationon your chosen course, including the admission requirements. Continue onto Charles Sturt University website to start your application.

Registered Training Organisation

St Mark's Registered Training Organisation (RTO) offers courses in Christian Counselling, Professional Supervision, Pastoral Counselling, and Ministry Training and Formation at Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels under the auspices of the Australian Skills Quality Framework for VET qualification. For full details check with the AQF site. St Mark's RTO is an Approved Delegate of the Australian Skills Quality Authority. For details see ASQA.

Course options

Diploma of Counselling (2 yrs) 
Provides a broad overview of the discipline, while helping to develop the skills and self-awareness needed for ministry and counselling practice. It provides a pathway into the Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling. Read more

Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling (1 yr)

Provides the skills training required for those seeking to enter the counselling profession and provides a pathway to counsellor registration. It can also lead onto the Master of Pastoral Counselling offered through CSU. Read more

Advanced Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology (2-3 yrs)
Provides ministry training and theological education for all who seek to lead ministry in the church. It is a prerequisite for ordained ministry in a number of dioceses (particularly eight) across the Anglican Church of Australia. Read more. 

Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision (Clinical) (1yr)
Is designed for experienced counselling clinicians who wish to develop their supervision abilities and practice, and meets PACFA 2010 standars for supervision training. Read more

Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision (Pastoral) (1 yr)
Is for experienced clergy and ministry workers who are supervising clergy and church workers in pastoral settings, and allows for integration of supervision theory and practice within a theological framework. Read more