Session 1 2022 Auditing Options

For those who love wading in slowly, one subject at a time.

Auditing & Single Subject Study Options

Thinking about starting theological studies at St Mark’s? These foundational subjects are an easy way to start.

You can enjoy our lectures and lively classroom discussions without handing in assignments (auditing),
or gain credit towards future study at Charles Sturt University’s School of Theology (single subject study).

  • Introduction to
    Christian Theology

    A great starting point. Learn about the major doctrines of the Christian faith, including God as Trinity, the person and work of Christ, the Spirit, humanity, and the church.

  • Introduction to the
    Old Testament

    The ancient world comes alive in this study of the amazing text both Jews and Christians know as inspired Scripture.

  • Early Church

    An introduction to the history of Christianity during its crucial first millennium, focusing on the Christian movement’s formative first 600 years.

Pastoral and Spiritual Care

Gain a new Skill Set

Pastoral and Spiritual Care

This Skill Set is designed for people with a heart to help in places like hospitals, churches and healthcare facilities. We’ll teach you nationally recognised VET competencies you need to get started in volunteer or paid work in pastoral and spiritual care — whether or not you have field experience. This course blends classroom, online teaching, supervision, and online assessment so you can easily fit study around your life.

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