Bachelor of Theology (Honours)

A stepping stone to postgraduate study

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Bachelor of Theology (Honours)

CSU’s Bachelor of Theology (Honours) is designed to develop advanced research skills in theology and is a stepping-stone to postgraduate study.

The course is theologically and biblically rich as well as vocationally oriented to enable you to pursue practical projects. Integrated with practical experience, the course offers a flexible learning environment, online and on campus at four study locations. 


The Bachelor of Theology (Honours) offers you the opportunity to undertake advanced study in theology.

  • Build advanced research capability
    You will gain a broad understanding of many disciplines in theological study. You will also develop high-level competence in theological research, and become proficient in a specialist field of study, such as Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology, Practical Theology and Church History. The course includes two coursework subjects in a specialist field and a Dissertation.
  • Develop critical theological insights 
    Examine trends in historical religious thought and practice, and explore the influence of disciplines such as theology, sociology, and anthropology on current religious issues, as well as of movements such as postmodernism, feminism, and post-colonialism.
  • Flexible study options
    Combined with a flexible learning environment and four teaching sites, CSU’s School of Theology provides a broad range of learning opportunities to students who wish to explore their faith and beliefs as well as those of other cultures. You may study on campus, online, or a combination of the two.
  • Quality teaching
    CSU’s School of Theology has an established reputation for its emphasis on student learning, quality teaching, and research. The ethos of the School is ecumenical, with staff drawn from a variety of Christian traditions, all committed to developing and delivering a comprehensive, rigorous, and vibrant theological education.
  • 1 year full-time
  • 2 years part-time
  • Online
  • On campus

Entry requirements

Applicants to the Bachelor of Theology (Honours) will:

  • hold a Bachelor of Theology, or equivalent


  • be eligible to graduate with the Bachelor of Theology, or equivalent


  • have attained a credit average or better in Level 2 and Level 3 subjects

English Language Proficiency
Standard English Language Proficiency (ELP) requirements. Refer to CSU’s website for the specific requirements. This will apply to both domestic and international applicants. Offer may be conditional on ELP but applicants will be required to provide evidence of meeting these requirements before the start of studies.

To graduate, students must satisfactorily complete 64 points.

The course consists of 64 points made up of one core subject and two restricted electives, as follows:

Core Subject
THL555 Theology Honours Project/Dissertation (32 points)


Two restricted electives (32 points) chosen from one of the following discipline areas (Note: this must be the same discipline area as the dissertation topic), or subjects chosen with the approval of the Course Advisor:

Systematic Theology
THL512 Contemporary Theology in a Global Context (16 points)
THL514 Hermeneutics (16 points)
THL542 Political Theology (16 points)
THL544 Theology and Spirituality in Contemporary Engagement (16 points)
THL545 Classic Texts in Christian Theology (16 points)

Biblical Studies
THL511 Contemporary Approaches to Biblical Studies (16 points)
THL514 Hermeneutics (16 points)
THL517 Advanced Biblical Exegesis (16 points)
THL535 Seminar in Biblical and Theological Interpretation (16 points)

Practical Theology
THL514 Hermeneutics (16 points)
THL518 Studies in Liturgy and Worship (16 points)
THL519 Contemporary Issues in Practical Theology (16 points)
THL540 Public Theology (16 points)

Church History
THL513 Church History Methodology (16 points)
THL514 Hermeneutics (16 points)
THL533 The Philosophy of Religious History (16 points)


Year 1 – Session 1
[   ] Restricted Elective*
THL555   Theology Honours Project/Dissertation (16 points) (commence)

Year 1- Session 2
THL555 Theology Honours Project/Dissertation (16 points) (complete)
[   ] Restricted Elective*

Year 1 – Session 1
[   ] Restricted Elective*

Year 1 – Session 2
[   ] Restricted Elective*

Year 2 – Session 1
THL555 Theology Honours Project/Dissertation (16 points) (commence)

Year 2 – Session 2
THL555 Theology Honours Project/Dissertation (16 points) (complete)
*Restricted electives must be chosen from one theological sub-discipline – the same discipline area as the dissertation topic.

In some subjects, you will be expected to engage in reflection on practice as part of your assessment.

Skills and attributes from theology and ministry are valued in a broad range of settings.

  • Institutional settings — Ordained ministry in either the Anglican or Uniting Church. Chaplaincy in a variety of institutional settings, such as schools, military, prisons, police, ambulance, hospital, trade and industry.
  • Social welfare and support organisations — Work in the social welfare arms of charities and the church including overseas development aid, communication functions and pastoral care.
  • Transfer your skills to other areas of work — The generalist skills and specialist vocational training provided by this course are also transferable to many other fields where you will work closely with individuals and communities.

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