Managing Church Finance Short Course

For current and prospective church or parish treasurers and leaders

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Managing Church Finance Short Course

This course is designed for current and prospective treasurers, leadership and committee members within Church communities and ministry organisations.

The aim of the course is to equip those with financial oversight of Church resources with practical skills in the key areas budgeting, financial forecasting and reporting, in order to allocate and manage resources essential to continuing ministry. This includes contributing to financial estimates, allocating funds, managing budgets and reporting on financial activity.

The course is taught in two parts covering the following key areas:

Financial Reporting

  • Structure and format of financial reports which are clear and conform to requirements.
  • Reviewing profit and loss statements, cash flows and ageing summaries.
  • Assessing financial viability.
  • Statutory requirements for compliance and liabilities for tax.
  • Analysing existing financial management processes for effectiveness, including: ensuring all transactions are recorded; managing risks of losing funds, and; ensuring systems are in place to record all transactions.


  • Prepare, implement and revise a budget, which aligns with the mission, is based on research and analysis of previous financial data and cash flow trends, and meets Church requirements.
  • Using previous financial data to determine allocations for resources.
  • Making informed estimates of new items for inclusion in budget.
  • Communicating budgets to others.

The course is delivered in two single-day workshops, the first focusing on Financial Reporting and the second on Budgets. Students seeking a Statement of Attainment for the Unit of Competency BSBFIM601 (see below) must complete both workshops and assessment tasks during and after the workshops.

The key elements of this course satisfy the requirements of the VET Unit of Competency BSBFIM601 – Manage Finances. Students who satisfactorily complete assessment tasks will receive a statement of attainment for this Unit of Competency. BSBFIM601 – Manage Finances is applicable to a number of qualifications within the Business Services training package at the Diploma and Advanced Diploma level.

The cost of the course including assessment for Statement of Attainment is $290.

Financial Reporting Workshop (no assessment)$70
Budgeting Workshop (no assessment)$70
Managing Church Finances Short Course (both workshops with assessment)$290


APPLICATIONS CLOSE Friday 14 February 2020

All workshops start at 9:00am and end at 4:00pm.


St Mark’s National Theological Centre
  • Financial Reporting workshop: 22 February 2020
  • Budgeting workshop: 14 March 2020

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