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12 November 2019

European Reformations Study Tour 2020

St Mark’s History Lecturer Dr Michael Gladwin will be heading a two-week study tour through Germany, France, Switzerland, and Italy from 28 October to 10 November 2020.

Dr Michael Gladwin, who teaches History at CSU’s School of Theology and is Editor of St Mark’s Review, will be leading a group on a 2-week tour through Germany, France, Switzerland, and Italy to study the European Reformations.

The European Reformation is one of the most fascinating and influential periods in world history. Martin Luther’s public criticisms of the Church after 1517, aided by technological innovations such as the printing press, precipitated the creation of Protestant churches in Europe. But the Protestant challenge also accelerated reform and renewal within the Roman Catholic Church. While the impact of the Reformation was a factor in major wars and political realignments in Europe and Great Britain, its influence was further felt in literature, philosophy, economics, architecture, science, and the arts.

In short, the Reformation laid the foundations of the modern world. All of these developments are the focus of this study tour. Along the way, you’ll visit sites associated with famous figures like Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Ulrich Zwingli. You’ll also explore the sites and heritage of Roman Catholic Europe as well as radical reformation movements such as the Anabaptists. At the same time, you’ll experience the rich culture, history, culinary delights and beautiful scenery of Germany, Switzerland, France, and Italy.

Program details

This is a rough program outline. Full details will be available on Charles Sturt University’s website soon.

Free time is built into each part of the itinerary, along with guided tours and informal lecture, and discussion times while travelling to each destination. This includes a personal headset system for each traveller while in situ at different sites. The price includes all travel in our own chartered deluxe motor coach; 13 nights lodging in three- and four-star hotels; all breakfasts and most dinners; and all guides, fast-track entrances, touring, and transportation.

GermanyFrom Berlin we follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther to Wittenberg (where Luther lived and worked, and where he nailed the 95 Theses that launched the Reformation in 1517); the Luther House and St Andrew's (where Luther preached his last sermon) at Eisleben; the Wartburg Castle, where Luther fled for his life and translated the first German New Testament; and Erfurt's Augustinian monastery where Luther first became a monk. We then head to Mainz, where we visit the Gutenberg Printing Press Museum. We then travel past magnificent castles, ancient towns and wineries to Worms Cathedral, the site of Luther's epic confrontation with Emperor Charles V.
FranceWe then head to Strassbourg (the City of Hope, or Refuge of the Righteous, for French Protestants) on the French side of the Rhine River, where we explore the cathedral, St Thomas Church (where Bucer preached and is buried), St Nicholas’s Church (outside view only) which John Calvin planted, and St. Pierre le Jeune Protestant Church.
Switzerland From Strassbourg we travel to Zurich, the epicentre of the early Swiss Reformation. Side trips from Zürich include the village of Bäretswil for a meal in a traditional Swiss restaurant, followed by a walk with a local guide to a cave where Anabaptists took refuge. We also make a brief visit to Konstanz to visit the site of the Council of Constance in 1415, the Jan Hus Museum and the site of the fifteenth-century reformer's burning for heresy (Hussenstein). We visit the Zwingli Museum, his church and the Landesmuseum. We then travel to the alpine village of Wildhaus to visit Zwingli’s birth-house and make an afternoon journey to Einsiedeln to visit the famous Catholic Abbey Church for Vespers (in German). After visits to the Grossmunster cathedral, the Zwingli Statue and the Swiss National Museum in Zurich, we travel to Geneva via Gruyère. Our time in Geneva includes an orientation bus tour and a walking tour to see the Reformation Monument, St Peter’s Church, and John Calvin’s home and grave (there is also an optional afternoon visit to the Reformation Museum).
ItalyFrom Geneva we take a short flight to Rome, where we will have an afternoon and evening free to explore this incomparable city. The next day we investigate the ancient, medieval and early modern roots of Christian history, with particular reference to the Roman Catholic Church. We will also see first-hand the impact of the Catholic and Counter Reformations. The tour concludes on day 14 (Tues 10 November) with a guided tour of the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, St Peter's basilica and various medieval and early modern churches; a farewell dinner at a local restaurant; and overnight accommodation in Rome, after which students are on thier own.

This study tour is open to members of the public. You do not need to be a Charles Sturt University student to join this tour.

As this is primarily a study tour, CSU students enrolled in the Bachelor of Theology, Graduate Diploma / Master of Theology, Master of Ministry, and Doctor of Philosophy at the time of undertaking the program are given priority.

Students from other disciplines with a focus on history may also be considered where places are available. The subject is also available to students as a ‘Single Subject Study’.

Students who successfully complete this program may be eligible to receive academic recognition of their participation through concurrent enrolment in a CSU subject.

For undergraduate students, this may be THL361 – Theology International Study Experience. For postgraduate (Graduate Diploma of Theology) students this may be THL427 – Theology Research Project.

We’re still firming up the itinerary! More details on cost to come.

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