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Rev’d Dr Andrew Errington

Academic Dean of St Mark’s Registered Training Organisation

BA (Hons 1, Sydney); MA (Macquarie); BD (Hons 1, MTC); PhD (Aberdeen)


Academic Dean, St Mark’s National Theological Centre’s Registered Training Organisation
Research Fellow, Public and Contextual Theology Research Centre, CSU
Adjunct Lecturer, CSU School of Theology



02 6272 6214






Andrew has been an ordained Anglican minister since 2012. He has worked in a range of parish contexts in Australia and Scotland. His doctoral research, at the University of Aberdeen, focused on practical reason and the structure of Christian moral thought, and looked at the works of Thomas Aquinas and Oliver O’Donovan, and the Book of Proverbs.



  • THL106/409 Introduction to New Testament Studies

Selected publications

  • “Ever Good Path: Wisdom and Practical Reason in Christian Ethics and the Book of Proverbs.” PhD Thesis, University of Aberdeen, Scotland. 2017.
  • The God Who Speaks Life: A Short Introduction to the Christian Faith (Sydney: Mountain Street Media, 2017).
  • “The Phenomena of the Human and the Humanity of Jesus Christ (§44.1–2).” Zeitschrift fu?r Dialektische Theologie 67 (2018): 82–93.
  • “On Being Rightly Identified: Recognition and the Theology of Identity”. ABC Online Religion and Ethics. Available online at: http://www.abc.net.au/religion/articles/2017/09/05/4729503.htm
  • “Authority and Reality in the Work of Oliver O’Donovan.” Studies in Christian Ethics 29/4 (2016): 371–385.
  • “Wakeful communities and digital sociality: Social media and the life of Christian communities.” St Mark’s Review 233/3: 42–59.
  • “Between Justice and Tradition: Oliver O’Donovan’s Political Theory and the Problem of Multiculturalism”. Studies in Christian Ethics 27/4 (2014): 417–430.
  • “Where is Wisdom Found: The Ingenious Folly of Climate Change”. ABC Online Religion and Ethics. Available online at: http://www.abc.net.au/religion/articles/2014/05/02/3996703.htm
  • “Infanticide and the Recognition of Personhood”. Quadrant 492 (2012): 54–57.
  • “The Comforting Myth of the Heroic Unbeliever”. Quadrant 480 (2011): 61–66.
  • Can We Trust What the Gospels Say About Jesus? (Sydney: Matthias Media, 2009)

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