Careers in Counselling

5 careers that could benefit from counselling skills

Studying with us

Life and Work is about dealing with people, and you’re probably already employing tactics on mediating, managing, and negotiating in the workplace.

By undertaking a diploma or postgraduate studies in counselling, you can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your skills and improve your confidence when helping others.

It will also give you that extra edge in your résumé.

  • People in church ministries, parachurch organisations and charities that deal with helping others in need.
  • School teachers of all levels — the ability to connect with individual students and motivate them sets apart good teachers from the rest.
  • Those in nursing and healthcare are often at the coalface of dealing with the emotional distress of others.
  • HR professionals need advanced insight into the needs, fears, and pressure points of those they meet to empathise effectively, and to recruit wisely.
  • Leaders and Managers are naturally called on to mediate difficulties and provide guidance for their team.
Graduate Diploma of Pastoral CounsellingMasters of Pastoral Counselling

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