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Pastoral and Spiritual care roles in the aged care space

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Older people often face the stresses of declining health and difficulties in adjusting to their changing lives. As the capacity to care for themselves decreases, social workers and carers can often end up taking on greater roles within their families. Holistic person-centred care takes into account body, mind and spirit. At St Mark’s, we provide training on pastoral and spiritual care for those in later life.

Spiritual care isn’t limited to those who adhere to a religious faith but refers to an umbrella term for structures and processes that give someone meaning and purpose. It is the practice of responding to the needs of the human spirit in the face of challenges associated with later life.

Spiritual care is related to supporting the individual to discover their purpose and the meaning of their life experiences. Older people can be supported to prepare for the end of life through reflecting on their life, contribution and legacy, affirming their worth, exploring unresolved issues, and having their preferences documented and respected.

— PalliativeCare Australia

Graduates of our ageing and pastoral studies courses often find (or enhance their current) jobs as coordinators and leaders of pastoral and spiritual care for older people in a range of contexts, including

  • healthcare
  • palliative care
  • residential aged care
  • home care
  • seniors ministries within churches
  • chaplaincy
Master of Ageing and Pastoral StudiesGraduate Diploma of Ageing and Pastoral Studies

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