It is not a common occurrence for a Master’s dissertation to be published as a scholarly monograph, but this is the case for the Rev’d Scott Goode, rector of the Anglican Parish of South Wagga Wagga, whose 2022 St Mark’s/CSU Master of Theology dissertation was recently published as Salvific Intentionality in 1 Corinthians: How Paul Cultivates the Missional Imagination of the Corinthian Community (Wipf & Stock, 2023). This is an exceptional outcome, as attested by Pauline scholar, Professor Michael Gorman, whose endorsement of Scott’s new book reads in part: “Salvific Intentionality in 1 Corinthians is a highly important contribution to both Pauline studies and contemporary church life.” Professor Lynn Cohick also writes that “pastors and teachers will benefit from Goode’s emphasis on churches today imagining themselves as missional communities.” Congratulations, Scott!