• Introduction to Christian Theology

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  • Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology

    Hear from our students and start your New Year with new ministry skills. Applications close 15 February.

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  • Introduction to Old Testament

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  • The Vehement Jesus: Grappling with Troubling Gospel Texts

    A new book by CSU Head of School of Theology, Dr David Neville

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  • The Next 40 Years: St Mark's and the Mission Ahead

    Our teaching college is turning 40!

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  • The Rise of Christiantiy to 600 CE

    Gain some insights into where we’ve been and how we’ve arrived at today.

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  • Liturgical Theology

    Learn about the history and practice of worship across Christian traditions, including contemporary and blended worship

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  • Welcome to 2018!

    A word from Director of St Mark’s, Andrew Cameron

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  • Commencement Event 2018

    Chapel Service, Commencement Lecture, and Book Launch of The Vehement Jesus

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St Mark’s is an inclusive scholarly Christian theological community

We provide high-quality theological education, offering vocational education and training right through to undergraduate, postgraduate studies and research in theology and ministry-related studies.

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Theology is the study of God. It is faith seeking understanding.

Theology is our understanding of who God is and what He has done for us. This directly translates into who we are and how we engage with the world as a community and as an individual.

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The Review

23 January 2018

Looking back, looking forward

However, I must begin with a confession. Although I meant to write you a Christmas greeting in 2017, ...

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5 December 2017

Dr Jeanette Mathews at the recent SBL Annual Meeting

This Annual Meeting is one of the largest events of the year in the fields of biblical scholarship, ...

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30 November 2017

Like Lightning? Revisiting Luke 17:22–37 in Light of Recent Reinterpretations.

BY DR DAVID NEVILLE At the 2017 annual Society of Biblical Literature meeting in Boston, I presented ...

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6 September 2017

Acts 24:10-27 — The different ways to peace

Luke has written with a kind of a slant on how life goes on, with all the usual swirl of human ...

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23 August 2017

Acts 19:1-20 — Spiritually contested space

Paul finds in the Greek city of Ephesus a spiritual contested space. It’s a spiritual ...

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16 August 2017

Acts 16:25-40 — Politics, evangelism, redemption

How this passage has a great moment for political theology, for the logic of evangelism, and for God ...

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2 August 2017

John 9:1-17 — On blindness and the ability to truly see

For the first time in the Gospel, here Jesus himself doesn’t appear in the foreground. The events ...

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26 July 2017

John 7:14-31 — On tolerance and discernment

We all know by now that tolerance, and a deep acceptance of diversity, are the only ways we have to ...

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19 July 2017

John 5:31-47 — On testifying about Christ

The text speaks for itself as a straightforward apologia for the uniqueness of Christ, and for what ...

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14 July 2017

John 4:1-15 — On the woman at the well

A pivotal moment in Jesus' mission, as a woman becomes the bearer of good news to people who are not ...

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13 July 2017

On ageing, and ageing well

Ageing is so imperceptible. My family moved to Canberra three years ago. After that, I got up every ...

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