Mission and Vision

What we strive to achieve, where we hope to minister

About us

St Mark’s vision is to be a scholarly Christian theological community. In pursuing this goal, St Mark’s strives to provide a program of high quality university–based theological education, postgraduate studies and research to people throughout Australia and overseas.

We also aim to offer programs in Christian education, formation and leadership for people engaged in the full diversity of Christian ministry, regardless of denominational affiliation, while having a special focus on the formation and training of priests and deacons for the Anglican Church. We pursue an active program of public lectures and publications to address critical issues confronting Australian society. Our publication, St Mark’s Review, has been a leading journal of Christian thought and opinion since 1955.

St Mark’s started out as a theological library and still maintains one of the best theological libraries in Australia. It caters for undergraduate and research needs.

Our Mission

Anglican in foundation and ecumenical in ethos, St Mark’s pursues a mission which, in the words of its founder, Bishop Ernest Burgmann, is to engage the people of God with Australian society.

We believe that a mission statement describes what an organisation should be striving to practise in its own affairs and to promote in its dealings with the world.

The Council of St Mark’s National Theological Centre has articulated its mission as:

Transforming lives and communities for Jesus Christ through excellence in public theology, theological education, vocational training and national and international scholarly engagement.

The St Mark’s mission embraces a fourfold commitment to public theology, theological education, vocational training and scholarly engagement. Its vision for the future is shaped by a striving for excellence in its core business so that the lives of individuals and communities are not just touched but invigorated for Christian ministry locally and nationally.

Core Values

We believe that core values are essentially underlying convictions and priority commitments that shape the way the mission of an organisation is identified and in the way its vision is pursued. St Mark’s has five core values. St Mark’s is:

  • Orthodox in being Biblically-based and centrally orthodox in theological outlook;
  • Collaborative in being ecumenical in spiritual mood and organisational affiliation;
  • Practical in connecting theological principles to public and private life;
  • Missional in equipping all God’s people for mission & ministry; and
  • Scholarly in promoting intellectual rigour while striving for academic excellence.

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