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Gain industry accredited pastoral and clinical counselling skills with Charles Sturt University

Why study counselling

A versatile and crucial skill for work and life

Life and work is about dealing with people, and you’re probably already employing tactics on mediating, managing, and negotiating in the workplace.

By undertaking postgraduate studies in counselling, you can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your skills and improve your confidence when helping others. It will also give you that extra edge in your résumé!

  • People in church ministries, para-church organisations and charities that deal with helping others in need.
  • School teachers of all levels — the ability to connect with individual students and motivate them sets apart good teachers from the rest.
  • Those in nursing and healthcare are often at the coalface of dealing with the emotional distress of others.
  • HR professionals need advanced insight into the needs, fears, and pressure points of those they meet to empathise effectively, and to recruit wisely.
  • Leaders and managers are naturally called on to mediate difficulties and provide guidance for their team.
A versatile and crucial skill for work and life

Why choose St Mark’s

There are many counselling courses available in the marketplace and it can be understandably difficult to discern which course is the right fit for you. Here’s what St Mark’s pastoral counselling courses can offer you through our partner, Charles Sturt University.

Our courses are accredited

Our Graduate Diploma and Masters of pastoral counselling courses are industry accredited, so you emerge from our program as highly employable graduates.

We’re established and experienced

Our highly experienced educators are industry experts and advisors with active current professional practices in pastoral counselling.

We integrate theology with practice

These courses integrate theory, theology and practice, giving you the skills for professional or highly skilled work in settings such as pastoral and clinical counselling practice, church and community work, and lay or ordained ministry.

We are interested in your personal development

We place a strong focus on developing your personal skills so you can engage meaningfully when counselling.

Our courses are highly flexible for busy lives

We offer a blended learning of online and face-to-face so you can have the flexibility to fit study around your lifestyle, while still gaining the practical skills through classroom interaction.

Our counselling program

Postgraduate counselling courses in partnership with Charles Sturt University

Through our partnership with Charles Sturt University’s School of Theology, we offer the following postgraduate pastoral counselling courses.

Postgraduate counselling courses in partnership with Charles Sturt University

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