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This page outlines fees for undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Charles Sturt University’s School of Theology, and the Registered Training Organisation at St Mark’s National Theological Centre.

A quick guide explaining how fees work

It can be daunting and confusing to navigate the fees and payment assistance schemes available for students at different strata and streams of Australia’s education system.

We have prepared a rough guide to help you along the way.

Important note

Please note that this guide is by no means comprehensive and was correct, to the best of our knowledge, at the time of print. It does not constitute financial advice. You should double-check this information and seek professional financial advice specific to your situation.

Guide to understanding fees and loans 2021

The following table outlines the Schedule of Fees per qualification.

Course Code and Title



10706NAT Graduate Certificate Professional Supervision (Clinical)(Pastoral)
10434NAT Diploma in Christian Ministry and Theology

Charles Sturt University manages all enrolments and payment through their website. For a full list of Charles Sturt University’s fees and plans, please refer to their Fees and Costs page.

  • If making a student contribution to a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP), you may be eligible for Commonwealth Government loan assistance through HELP (formerly known as HECS-HELP).
  • If you are a full fee-paying student, you may be eligible for Commonwealth Government loan assistance through HELP (formerly known as FEE-HELP).

For further information about eligibility and loan conditions, see www.studyassist.gov.au.


According to government website StudyAssist, the student contribution to a commonwealth-supported 8cp subject in theology will be $1,812 in 2021. Increases are usually indexed annually by the university.


Note that all prices here are for an 8 credit point (cp) subject. Many postgraduate subjects are 16cp each (and therefore double this cost), and some are 32cp (and therefore quadruple this cost). Refer to the online course brochures on the CSU website for details of subject weightings and course structure.

CSU awaits the outcome of parliamentary deliberation before it can confirm which 2018 postgraduate subjects, if any, will include CSPs.

Course NameFee (8pts)
Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies$1,950
Graduate Diploma of Theological Studies$1,950
Master of Arts (Theological Studies)$1,950
Master of TheologyComprises six 16cp subjects, each costing $3,900
Master of Theology (Research)$2,500
Doctor of Philosophy (Arts)$2,900
Graduate Certificate in Ministry$1,950
Graduate Diploma of Ministry$1,950
Master of Ministry$1,950
Doctor of Ministry$2,750
Graduate Diploma of Pastoral Counselling$1,950
Master of Pastoral Counselling$1,950
Master of Pastoral Counselling (clinical)$1,950
Graduate Diploma of Ageing and Pastoral Studies$1,950
Master of Ageing and Pastoral Studies$1,950

St Mark’s offers payment plans to assist students to manage the cost of study. The payment plan involves payment of a $500 deposit on or before the census date, and an agreement to make regular payments to complete the balance of fee payment by the last day of the semester.
Students may enter into a payment plan on a semester basis, in which case the final payment must be made prior to the last day of that semester. Alternatively, students may enter into a payment plan for a full year i.e. two semesters where the last payment will need to be made prior to the last day of the second semester.

St Mark’s reserves the right to disallow continuation in a course if fees are outstanding beyond the end of each semester of study. St Mark’s will not issue awards where fees are outstanding. For further assistance, please contact our head office.

Download our Payment Plan form.

If you have any queries when completing this form please contact 02 6272 6252 or email us. 

Course Code and Title

Payment Plan

10706NAT Graduate Certificate Professional Supervision (Clinical)(Pastoral)Payment plans are subject to a $500 deposit. Regular payments to be made by either credit card or direct debit on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis at a rate which will complete payment of fees by the end of each session of study.
10434NAT Diploma in Christian Ministry and Theology

If you wish to withdraw from a course, please contact the Registrar noting the date and reason for your withdrawal. You will be eligible for a Statement of Attainment for any successfully completed units of competency; this will be sent to you upon finalisation of your withdrawal and settlement of any outstanding fees.

Please note that a refund of your course fee is only possible for a withdrawal made before the census date of the session or semester of study.

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