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Help us to build up the knowledge and skills of our Christian leaders

Donating to St Mark's enables us to continually improve our courses and facilities.

With your generous donation, we are able to develop richer and improved services for our students, teachers, alumni and the community.

Donations are collected and utilised in three core areas of operations:

Friends of St Mark’s (Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Fund)

The Friends of St Mark’s fund was established to support the St Mark’s National Memorial Library. Contributions to this fund enable us to maintain and increase our collection, staff and resource the library, and provide appropriate accommodation to our precious and diverse collection. A well-resourced library, accessible to students and public, is central to St Mark’s operations.

Burgmann Foundation (Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Fund)

The Burgmann Foundation is a building fund. Generous donations have previously funded extensions to the library and construction of the Garret building, housing faculty and administration. As we look to the future, funds are needed to maintain and update the campus to maintain the heritage of St Mark’s and to equip us to teach into the 21st century.

Ministry Future Fund 

Contributions to this fund support the continuing development and delivery of ministry training, anticipating the needs of the future Church to equip the leaders of tomorrow. In these challenging times it is critical for body of Christ to raise up and support strong leaders. Contributions to this fund are invested in the development of the highest quality courses while minimising the cost burden for ministry students.


Specific bequests and endowments have established a number of student scholarships and prizes, assisted in the promotion of public theology and enabled St Mark’s to develop new facilities on campus. If you would like to contribute in this way we invite you to contact Revd. Emma Street on 02 6272 6252.

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