Graduate Certificate in Ministry

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Graduate Certificate in Ministry

CSU’s Graduate Certificate in Ministry is a practice-oriented course and an excellent way for ministers to upskill as you reflect on your ministry practice.

The course comprises a single core subject on reflective practice in contemporary ministry, along with three electives. Electives permit you to explore such areas as pastoral counselling, supervision, church governance, management and leadership, applied pastoral theology, chaplaincy, and contemporary mission and evangelism.

This course is a pathway into the Master of Ministry. (Completion of this course awards you with 32 out of the 96 required credit points for the Master of Ministry.)

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The Graduate Certificate in Ministry aims to assist ministers and others in church leadership by providing skills in ministry to a range of contexts for professional practice.

The course aims to

  • provide opportunities for professional development in ministry
  • facilitate critical theological reflection on the practice of ministry
  • broaden the knowledge and skills of church leaders to meet ministry challenges in contemporary contexts.
  • 1 to 2 years part-time
  • Online
  • Classroom-based (on campus) with possible residential school components for selected electives

Candidates for admission need to have

  • an undergraduate degree in Theology from a recognised Australian university or equivalent, or hold the Graduate Diploma of Theology with a Credit average or higher; and
  • have at least two years of full-time professional experience in ministry.

The Graduate Certificate comprises 4 subjects, beginning with a core subject that introduces reflective practice in contemporary ministry.

Students may then choose to study any 3 of the electives listed below. A full list of subjects and electives will be available on the CSU website late in 2018.

Core Subject

  • MIN400 — Reflective Practice in Contemporary Ministry (8 points)

Electives (choose any 3)

  • MIN401 — Supervision in Ministry
  • MIN402 — Church Governance and Management
  • MIN403 — Christian Chaplaincy in Context
  • MIN405 — Applied Principles of Church Leadership
  • MIN418 — Practical Studies in Liturgy and Worship
  • MIN419 — Contemporary Issues in Practical Theology
  • MIN438 — Contemporary Mission and Evangelism
  • MIN440 — Public Theology for Ministry


  • THL400 — Pastoral Counselling Skills
  • THL420 — Pastoral Counselling: Theory and Professional Issues
  • THL428 — Pastoral Counselling: Grief and Loss
  • THL430 — Pastoral Counselling: Crisis Intervention
  • THL432 — Pastoral Counselling: Relationships and Family
  • THL434 — Spiritual Direction in the Christian Tradition
  • THL435 — Applied Pastoral Theology
  • THL445 — Foundations for Pastoral and Spiritual Care of Older People
  • THL446 — Pastoral and Spiritual Care of Older People
  • THL451 — Theological and Ethical Issues for People in Later Life

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