St Mark’s Theological Centre presents

Salvific Intentionality in 1 Corinthians: How Paul Cultivates the Missional Imagination of the Corinthian Community

Join us to hear about this brilliant book and what inspired it, as well as how we as a church can respond.

Light refreshments will be served and there will be time to purchase books and have them signed.

The Book

There are few matters more important than God’s mission in the world. This book offers a fresh contribution to a long-standing debate in Pauline and missional studies regarding the apparent absence of a missionary mandate for the churches of the New Testament. Through a literary and socio-historical study of 1 Corinthians, and in conversation with the emerging discipline of social identity theory, this book invites the reader to consider how Paul’s missional expectations may have been received and put into practice in first-century Corinth by the first readers. Along the way some new lines of enquiry are opened for certain texts which have remained for a long time in a state of scholarly stalemate. But these technical discussions give way to a larger goal: to offer a missiology in action, in all its Corinthians complexity. Could such an approach inform a robust missional identity for the church of today? As the Western church searches for a new self-understanding in an increasingly post-Christian culture, the intention of this book is to cultivate the missional imagination of contemporary believers for their ongoing participation in God’s mission in the world.

The Author

Rev’d Scott Goode

Scott is an ordained minister who pastors an Anglican church in regional New South Wales, Australia. He completed his Bachelor of Divinity and Master of Arts (Theology) at Moore Theological College (Sydney) and has a Master of Theology from Charles Sturt University (School of Theology, St Mark’s National Theological Centre, Canberra). Scott also writes the occasional article or blog and has ongoing research interests in New Testament marriage theology.

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