List of Recommended Supervisors

Recommended and approved supervisors for GCPS students

Recommended Supervisors List 2020

Students undertaking the 10706NAT Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision (Clinical) (Pastoral) course are required to attend monthly supervision of their work and ministry with an approved supervisor. 

If you are doing the course and require a supervisor, you may choose someone from our list of Recommended Supervisors OR seek approval for a supervisor you know or from whom you are currently receiving professional supervision.

Clinical Supervisors

If you are a counselling or therapy clinician, please ensure you choose a supervisor who has a background in counselling, therapy, social work, and/or psychology.


Pastoral Supervisors

While most of the professional supervisors in our register below would be suitable for supervision in the pastoral context, those marked with an asterisk (*) have a particular background, experience, interest and/or training in Pastoral Supervision.


Choosing a Supervisor – avoiding dual relationships

Your choice of supervisor will be determined to some degree by location and availability and who you think will be a ‘good fit’. Please also ensure that you don’t choose a supervisor who is too ‘close’ to you (e.g. someone who works in your workplace or whom you know as a friend or close peer.) Do not choose one of your course trainers as your supervisor while you are in the training program.

Skype supervision is not recommended for the duration of the course, especially if you are new to experiencing supervision. Please check with your trainers if Skype supervision appears to be the only option.

List of Approved Supervisors

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