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At its heart, Christian ministry takes the love of Jesus to the world. In practice, ministry takes many forms, many people, and many different skills.

Within the church, those called to ministry may find themselves in any of a number of roles including

  • church planting and pioneering
  • teaching and evangelism
  • ordained clergy
  • community service
  • chaplaincy in schools, hospitals, aged care, and the military

In each of these roles, we may be part of a team or working alone, within a Christian community or out in the secular world, and such is the need and variety in ministry that we may find ourselves often in more than one role.  A Chaplain may be established in an institution such as a hospital, or pioneering in a community or business. Church ministry might involve leadership of a traditional ‘parish’ or gathered community involving preaching and church rites of baptism, weddings and funerals. Or it calls you to ‘pioneer’ a new gathering in a community or workplace.

For those called to ministry, it is essential to be equipped for the task in order to confidently go forward into the places of need, and be true to the principles of Christian faith so that those we minister to receive good care. It is important that we are personally equipped and sustained in our own faith to avoid burnout.

How we can help

A broad, sound understanding of the Christian faith is an important first step in equipping for ministry. Ministry life also involves many gifts and practical skills including, personal and time management, leadership and people skills, innovation and creativity, resourcefulness, fundraising, media and marketing, and administrative.

St Mark’s, as the teaching Centre of the Diocese, offers biblical and religious studies at various levels. We offer practical Bible reading and teaching skills equipping everyday Christians, to Diploma and Advanced Diplomas courses that can train you in starting new ministries and sustaining current ones, right through to theology degrees and postgraduate research for those in leadership roles and with advanced academic interests. We also offer short courses in mission and leadership, and in administrative areas such as finance and marketing.

If you are in the Anglican faith and are considering a called to ordained ministry, you should contact your Rector for more information on the process and requirements of the Diocese of Canberra Goulburn.

Diploma in Christian Ministry and TheologyGraduate Certificate in Professional Supervision (Clinical) (Pastoral)Diploma of Leadership and ManagementDiploma of ChaplaincyGraduate Certificate in MinistryMaster of MinistryDoctor of Ministry

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