Overdue, Damaged, Lost items

What to do when your book's overdue


Managing overdue, damaged and lost library items

How to avoid fines

  • Return loans on or before the due date.
  • Pay attention to CSU-generated courtesyoverdue and recall notices.
  • Contact the Library if you have questions or concerns about your loans.

About recall notices

Recall notices are issued when any items you have on loan are requested by another user.

Recalled items need to be returned by the new due date, regardless of the original due date.

Overdue fees

Items not returned to the library can:

  • incur a Bill for Replacement (BFR) fee and a non-refundable Lost Item Process Fee
  • prevent further borrowing, renewing or requesting of more items
Item TypeFee
Standard LoansAt 28 days overdue; $150 bill for replacement + $30 lost item processing fee
Recalled Items$5 per day overdue
At 14 days overdue; $150 bill for replacement + $30 lost item processing fee

Damaged and lost items

Please contact the library for queries concerning lost or damaged items.

Payment for library fines and lost or damaged items

St Mark's library fines are managed separately from CSU, and each organisation can only facilitate fine payments generated by their own organisation. Therefore, please do not pay St Mark’s fines to Banner (CSU Admin). Please check your invoice to ascertain which organisation to pay your fines to.

Payment methods

  • By credit card — Please call 02 6272 6253 or 02 6272 6254
  • In person — We accept cash or credit card payment at the library


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